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A Question about Vascular Calcification

Over the last 20 years I have had a lot of questions from customers scattered over more then 40 countries. 

Although we try to cover as much information on our Xtend-Life websites as possible, there are always questions that are not directly covered on the site and they find their way to me for comment. 

Some of these questions are of interest to other people. If I think they would be of interest to a wider audience I will incorporate them into one of these videos. 

Please bear in mind when you see these Q & A’s that they are for interest only. I’d like for them to spark off some thinking for viewers to do further research.  As you know I am not a Doctor and as such I am not dishing out medical advice. 

OK..this is what Mel from the USA asked our Customer Relations team. 

Hi Folks – I’ve been reading about Warren’s experience with heart attack and his subsequent development of CX8. [Note: CX8 is a specialised supplement for cardiovascular health that we developed at Xtend-Life]  

I am an 87yr old with type 2 diabetes [well controlled], and end stage kidney disease [GFR 8%] for which I am following a low dietary protein diet with added essential amino acid protein tablets [Albutrix].

Things are stable at present.

An additional problem is intermittent claudication which limits my walking to about 10 minutes before resting. Also I experience stinging in the calves during bedtime [relieved by hanging the legs out in cooler night air].

Now, being a retired engineer I have sought information on the Web. My conclusion was I have a lack of circulation due to vascular calcification. 

I’ve tried vitamin K with MK7 but no improvement.

Your CX8 looks a possibility!

Have you had any patient feedback yet of product efficacy for vascular calcification? I think I’m willing to give it a go, provided he ingredients are unlikely to adversely affect my kidneys. You may have this answer, if not i could try my GP.

Here was my answer.  

Actually I didn’t have a heart attack Mel.  My problem was excessive calcification of the aortic valve which required replacement via open heart surgery. 

With regard to Vascular Calcification, I have no doubt that there is no better natural solution than CX8 to help with this process. 

I devoted my time almost exclusively to develop it. To do this I travelled all around the world looking for answers – leaving no stone unturned and spared no expense to get the best possible ingredients. 

I take a double dose of it. 

We now have a lot of customers taking CX8. Unfortunately it is too early yet to have conclusive data on it because most of them have only been taking it for about a month given the shipping delays as a result of COVID-19.  We are looking into the possibility of starting a clinical study later this year.  

What I can say, however, is that all the ingredients we are using in CX8 have strong clinical evidence supporting their efficacy. We are using the genuine ingredients and in the correct amounts that gave the positive results. 

So, it is pretty reasonable to expect that the results from CX8 will be greater than that of any of the individual ingredients. This is because they are synergistic and each of them target a specific aspect of the cardiovascular system.

I note that you have not had a lot of success with MK-7. 

That may be due to the type you are using and what you are combining it with if anything.  Most MK-7 if taken with a supplement containing calcium will be rendered inactive unless it is micro-encapsulated. 

There are a lot of brands of MK-7 in the world but based on our research there are only two brands we would use.  One is MenaQ7 from Nattopharma use their logo and the other is from Kappa. Both are from Norway.  

Now, with regard to kidney disease the correct form of MK-7 can be very helpful.  As an indication:

– I have a friend in Australia who was on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.  His EGFR was 13% and he started taking a high dose of MenaQ7 2 years ago.  His EGFR went from 13% to 28% and has stayed there. 
– I have another friend, a Doctor in Toronto, on the waiting list for a kidney transplant who is now also taking it. 
– Another friend in Seattle, who is on dialysis, has been told that he needs a quadruple bypass. He has elected to delay the bypass and is now on a double dose of CX8 and other natural protocols.

My suggestion would be to propose to your Doctor that you try a double dose of CX8 for a few months.

There is no downside as all the ingredients do much more than just help the circulatory system. 

I would also suggest that you add to that regime a double dose (4 soft gels a day) of our Omega 3 QH/Ultra. This is quite a unique fish oil with Ubiquinol from Japan which is the active form of CoQ10 and much more bio-available. 

Also, a couple of caps a day of Marine Magnesium

I would also suggest that you go to the CX8 page on the xtend-life website and click on the link in the ingredients tab.  That will give you a list of all the ingredients in CX8

If you click on the link on that page for the MenaQ7 that will take you to a dedicated ingredient page for MK-7.  On that page you will find a white paper on the MK-7 which is very informative.

Also, I had Ivor Cummins interview Dr Hogna of Nattopharma so you might find it helpful to watch that video… it is also on that page along with some further information about MK-7 related to kidney health. 

Hope this helps. 



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