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Are sore joints a sign of something more?

For many people, sore joints are a normal part of aging. Did you know that according to the CDC.

  • over 54 million people in the US alone have arthritis?
  • that about half of these people are limited in their activities as a result of this?
  • and a further half of them suffer from chronic pain?

That’s not a very pleasant thing. 

My first encounter with sore joints

Although I was aware that many people suffered from achy joints, I had never experienced it personally until about a bit over a year and a half ago. 

If you have been following my blogs you’d know that at the end of 2018 I found that I had a highly calcified aortic valve which required me to have open heart surgery. 

Up until that time I had never been on any form of medication and I still am not.

A change of supplement regime

But, in the few weeks leading up to the surgery I had to stop my cocktail of natural supplements which consisted of our flagship product Total Balance Men’s Premium, our Omega 3 QH/Ultra and a few others.  

I had complications post surgery due to being given Heparin during the surgery (whilst they stopped my heart and deflated my lungs). I had to go on a anti-clotting drugs and was unable to resume my normal supplement regime for three months after surgery. 

The impact on my immune system

I knew that it was having an impact on my immune system. I hadn’t had a cold, flu or any type of illness for the last almost 20 years. 

That immune issue was brought to the fore when I was in Malaysia about two months after the surgery.  I picked up Shigella which is a very severe food poisoning when I was passing through Kuala Lumpur airport.  I flew to Australia that day on my way back to New Zealand. But, instead of being there just for two days on my way home, I ended up being there a week, with four nights being spent in hospital in isolation. 

I travel a lot and from time to time I do get exposed to food poisoning but it is never a big deal. It may mean I feel ‘off colour’ for a few hours and maybe overnight and then usually back to normal by the morning. 

There is a rationale for telling you this story. 

I knew that my immune system had been weakened as a result of not being able to resume my normal preventive supplement program so it wasn’t a great surprise. 

What was a surprise is that it affected me in another way as well. 

Joint pain comes back

I started to develop some soreness in the forefinger of my right hand and also my middle finger.  I remembered that not long before I started Xtend-Life I had some minor soreness in those fingers. Then, a few months after we developed Total Balance, it went away and I didn’t think any more about it. 

After my surgery was the first time in almost 20 years that I hadn’t been taking Total Balance for an extended period. I could feel the diference. I had lower energy, which was expected, and was developing pain in my two fingers. 

After I was off the medication and resumed my normal supplement regime not only did the pain not get worse but it steadily subsided. I added New Zealand Green lipped Mussel, to my daily regime to give it a bit of a hurry along.

Returning to normal

In less than three weeks the pain and stiffness from the sore joints in my fingers had gone and they were back to normal. 

I decided to have a look at the reviews for this product on our website. Many of our customers have experienced the same thing as me. 

So, if you have joint discomfort it is probably worth your while giving the NZ Greenlipped Mussel supplement a go. 

Green lipped mussel

Make sure you get genuine NZ greenlipped mussel.  It is a native of NZ and was pioneered in NZ.  We source it from friends of mine. They have been harvesting them

  • fresh
  • at the right time of the year
  • from their own farms
  • and use their own processing plant. 

This is important because the condition of the mussels can vary a lot. Their efficacy is hugely affected by the timing of the harvest.

To learn more, download our Buyer’s Guide to Green Lipped Mussels.  

I would also love to hear if you experience any joint pain and what effect it has on you. 

Talk again soon.



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