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Warren Matthews at 72 years of age (2020) is a living example of how we all should be at that age. He does not suffer from any of the signs of aging as is generally expected. He has no need of medication, and no aches and pains. His main interest is researching what makes us as humans ‘tick’ and how we can live a full and active life well into old age (100+) free from the normal and often expected ravages of aging, such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and so on. His desire is to share that knowledge with like minded people who simply do not have the time to research themselves. He is a regular guest on various international radio shows and his articles which he has been writing since 2001 are published in a wide range of media. He is very active and travels around 200,000 miles a year as part of his quest of knowledge about wellness which he can use for his family and himself and share with others who have a desire to maximize their time on earth by avoiding the the ‘normal’ affects of aging. He is not bound by conventional thinking on the subject.

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