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Can you handle truth?

I see a steady erosion of personal freedom and the building of a culture of fear.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine sent me a link to a YouTube video. 

The topic was truth and it was by Henna Maria. 

After observing what has been going on over the last couple of months due to Coronavirus, what she was saying in the video resonates with me. 

Some of you may not like the message, but some may truly appreciate it…particularly if you value personal freedom. 

Fear is replacing personal freedom

What I see happening in the world recently is a steady erosion of personal freedom and the building of a culture of fear.  

I mentioned in a previous video that one of the biggest problems related to COVID-19 was FEAR and that it was all out of proportion to the risk. 

This culture of fear pushed by the media has enabled governments around the world to trample on personal freedoms under the guise of ‘saving lives’…and the population in general have supported these suppressions of personal freedom. 

During the lock down here in NZ people over 70 years old were not supposed to leave their homes. They were shuttered in in their homes, fearful that the virus would get them. 

An increasing lack of personal responsibilty

At no time did you hear the experts telling everyone to take personal responsibility for their health and do everything that they could to build up their own natural immunity.  Like…

  • getting out in the fresh air
  • getting plenty of sunshine
  • stop eating processed foods and
  • taking appropriate supplements

Don’t expect someone else to save you

Instead, all we hear about is that everyone is rushing to produce a vaccine for COVID-19 and that will save us all! 

It is as if many people think their own personal health is the responsibility of the STATE! 

The reality is that a vaccine or a pharmaceutical pill is NOT going to make you healthy.

There is no point in waiting for it. 

You HAVE to take responsibility for your own health. 

There is nothing more effective to control a population than the idea that an unseen virus that may kill you. It certainly worked here in NZ. 

The COVID-19 numbers in perspective

To help put this into perspective consider this.  As at today (19 May) NZ had 1,499 cases of COVID-19, 21 deaths, and 1,433 have recovered leaving 49 still infected with no one in hospital.  That is out of a population of just under five million. Over 200,000 tests were carried out to find the 1,499 people infected. 

Virtually all the deaths were from patients in rest homes, one of which accounted for 10 deaths from their dementia wing.  These were all put down to COVID-19 even though other factors may have accelerated the deaths. 

Understand the knock on effects

I know of one case of a dementia patient who became very anxious when his family stopped visiting him. Not because they didn’t want to, but because they were not allowed to.  He couldn’t understand why and it seemed like his family had abandoned him.  They had to medicate him to calm him down and he died a week later without his loved ones around him. 

Did he die of COVID-19 or did he die WITH IT! 

I am sure that this scenario is being repeated thousands of times around the world. 

COVID-19 has triggered wider problems

Now, if you add to this using NZ as an example, we now have the highest unemployment rate since the great depression.  This in turn triggers off depression, mental illness, crime and violence. 

In addition, lives have been lost.

People have been unable to access medical care due to the restrictions – even though the hospitals and Doctor’s clinics have been largely empty. But, according to the politicians their policies have been a resounding success and they have saved lives! 

Taking personal responsibility

Not once have any of the authorities encouraged the population to take any responsibility for their own health. 

Anyway, that is enough from me for today…have a look at what Henna Maria has to say.

I would love to hear what you think about the importance of taking personal responsibility and not expecting the STATE to take care of it for you. 

Oh…I should mention that I am not an anti-vax zealot. 

There is a place for selected vaccines such as polio and measles and some others.

But there has to be a conclusive need for them.

And it should be a matter of personal choice.



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