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Coronavirus Blues…

I don’t know about you, but I have really had enough of the ongoing paranoia and fear about coronavirus.

It is difficult to go onto any news channel without it being dominated by COVID-19. It is continually stirred up by the media all over the world! 

Sure, I know Coronavirus is a problem and I don’t deny that it has hastened the demise of thousands of people throughout the world.  It is always sad if anyone dies before their time…but that unfortunately is life.   Millions of people a year die prematurely through preventable causes so it is not just COVID-19 that is hastening the death of so many people. 

Take responsibility for your health

It is up to each of us to take responsibility for our own health and do our best to avoid the underlying conditions that will lead to premature death when a virus comes along.  We also have to accept that COVID-19 is not the first nasty virus that the world has been exposed to. It will certainly not be the last. 

I think much of the world’s population is now beginning to realize that they cannot rely on the government or the medical system to protect them against these viruses. 

Your immune system is your best protection

The best protection always has been and always will be our own internal immune system. Of course, the big challenge for many people is how to build up a strong immune system, or, maintain what we have.  As we get older it does become harder because:

  • our bodies become less efficient at extracting nutrients out of the food we eat,
  • we also eat less amounts of quality nutrient dense food necessary to feed our cells. 

We are an extremely complex  chemical factory

When we look in the mirror what we see is not ourselves, but a big bunch of cells which we get around in. 

  1. If these cells are not getting the wide variety of essential nutrients they need this will reflect in the efficiency of our organs and systems. 
  2. If one organ is deficient in nutrients and cannot produce the chemicals it is supposed to, that puts strain on other organs. That affects the overall body’s repair system. 
  3. That in turn means that our cells degenerate faster than they should. If this happens, our immune system is one of the first things to suffer. 

Vitamin C and other standalone ingredients are not the answer

Most people think that the answer is to take Vitamin C, or some Echinacea, or Elderberry extract and so on to boost their immune system…now whereas these single ingredients can be helpful in reducing some symptoms their effect on the overall immune system is negligible. 

I often liken this approach to putting a band aid on an elephant. 

This is because all our organs and systems are interdependent. So they have to be working together in synergy to have a strong immune system.  I’ve focussed on this since I was 52 – over twenty years ago – and I have never had the flu in that time or a real cold. 

I am not alone in this approach. 

Over the years we have had 10’s of thousands of our customers follow this principle. Many of them report back that they to never get a cold or the flu.  I have never had a flu injection and never will. 

I am not an anti-vaxer but simply look at the facts. In my opinion, the flu injection rarely works. It’s a gamble as to whether they have guessed the correct flu strain. Many people actually get the flu as a result of the flu jab. 

Instead, the best protection is to support our own incredible immune system. We can do this by ensuring we feed our organs and systems with the fuel that it needs to function at optimal levels. 

My supplement regime

I have relied on what is probably the most sophisticated and effective natural supplement in the world. We developed it 20 years ago and continue to refine. 

It is called Total Balance and we have both a female and male version.  I also combine it with a unique Omega 3 fish oil that we developed about 12 years ago. 

That’s all for now…talk again soon.



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