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Frank’s Story: Health tips from 1 old dog’s experience

This is not so much a story by Frank, but rather about Frank.  

That is because Frank is a dog…a pretty big one. 

He is my daughter’s and granddaughter’s Rottweiler. 

Dogs share the same health problems as humans

He is now an old dog.  Now, you may or may not like dogs, but they have some of the health problems that we as humans have. This means there is always something to be learned.  

Frank is a big dog and a very protective one when it comes to looking after our granddaughter. He is very much a part of my daughter’s family. 

Most Rottweilers only live around 8 – 10 years. Frank is currently coming up to 12 years old.   According to the American Kennel Club, that would put him around 90 years old in human years. 

So, no getting away from it…he is an old dog.  

The benefits of Omega 3 for dogs

My daughter, Selena, has done her best over the years to keep him healthy as possible.  She has always given him our Omega 3 fish oil capsules which he really likes. His coat always had a really nice sheen to it and still does. I don’t know whether we could give credit to the Omega 3 fish oil for that, but given we have had similar reports from other dog owners, it is likely. 

Green lipped mussel power for arthritis

That seemed to help him keep good health. He didn’t suffer the level of sore joints and arthritis which is so common in big dogs as they age.  However, a few years ago he started showing signs of sore joints and the onset of arthritis. So Selena decided to add our New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel powder to his daily regime. 

Happily, not only did his symptoms not get worse they actually got less. Not long after, they went away altogether so Frank was able to bounce around like a puppy…a big one. 

All was well for a few years, until the latter part of last year when his symptoms started coming back.  Pretty slowly at first until early this year it had got so bad that he had difficulty walking.  

Needless to say, my daughter and granddaughter were very upset as it seemed he would not be on this earth for much longer.  Selena asked me if I thought that another product that we developed called ‘Not-Just-Joints’ would help him. 

There was no downside in trying and it potentially could help.  It is a highly sophisticated product for people suffering from arthritic-type pain.

Know how to take your supplements

So, I gave her some product to try which she crushed up and spread over his food.

I didn’t realise she was crushing it. 

After a few weeks she called me. Frank hadn’t improved.  He still had difficulty in walking and was quite lethargic. 

I asked her how many tablets he was having a day, and the dose was fine.

The benefits of enteric coating

I assumed that she was giving them to him whole…but, then she told me she was crushing them. 

That was a red flag. Some of the ingredients in that formula are very sensitive to stomach acid, which is why we enteric coat the tablets. The enteric coating protects the ingredients so they can pass through the stomach and not get damaged before they are released in the intestines. 

So, she started giving Frank the tablets whole. 

Selena called me the a week later really excited. Frank’s lethargy was gone; he was able to stand up and walk around. Even better, he was actually wanting to go for a walk which he hadn’t done for months. 

Research your options – Don’t suffer in pain

I wanted to share this story with you because that so many people suffer in pain. They lose their enjoyment of life by loading up with pain killers when there are natural, effective solutions if you search for them. 

So, if you or any of your loved ones suffer from arthritic type pain, don’t give up on it. Instead, research your natural options and try them out.

That’s all for today.  Talk soon.



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