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REMDESIVIR: a cure for COVID-19?

I am sure that you, like me, are sick and tired of seeing nothing but COVID-19 on the news.  

But something came up the other day that really upsets me because it is so misleading. I felt compelled to say something because it raises so many questions that. 

I wish I had started this channel a long time ago so it would be possible to get messages across to a much bigger audience.  It will in time…just a pity it isn’t right now. 

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Background to Remdesivir

So, what precipitated me to talk about what I am today.  Well, a couple of days ago I watched a session in the oval office in which the CEO of Gilead, Daniel O’Day was talking to the president and others about Remdesivir. 

Gilead is a substantial pharmaceutical company. They developed Remdesivir as a drug to treat Ebola.  It was not a particularly successful drug, but it is still protected by patents. 

Have a look at this 17 second clip – fast forward to 6:33.   

As you can see, Daniel O’Day comes across like a benevolent Uncle reinforced by the generous offer that Gilead has made in offering to donate one and a half million doses of this drug.  You couldn’t buy the publicity that has resulted from what appears to be official endorsement of this drug as a possible standard treatment for COVID-19. 

Is Remdesivir any good as a treatment?

The question that everyone wants to know the answer to is, is it really any good as a treatment?  

It appears that their basis for making a big fuss about it is that it reduced the average recovery time from 15 days to 11 days.

Well, although that is nice, it had very little impact on mortality rates.  There are plenty of other natural solutions that would achieve an improved recovery time without any potential risks. 

Are the benefits of Remdesivir worth the risks? 

Around 8% of participants in the trial had to withdraw due to elevated liver enzymes.  In other words, their liver was being damaged. 

What I do know that should I get sick from COVID-19 I would not agree to this treatment…but, then that is an individual choice…at least it should be. 

I don’t have any fear of getting sick with COVID-19…sure, I may become infected by it but I suspect the symptoms would be mild if any at all.  I have never had a flu jab and I never will and yet I never get the flu because of the natural protocols that I follow. 

The results of Remdesivir studies

Dr Chris Martenson of Peak Prosperity put together a very well researched video about the results of the studies on Remdesivir.  It is well worth spending a little time watching.

I have included the link for his video below. Skip to the section from 4 mins to 11 mins. He also has a good summary at 32 mins. 

What this really means

Oh…back to the generous offer from Gilead of one and a half million doses…it is not quite as generous as it may seem at first glance.  Because a treatment requires multiple infusions the one and a half million doses will be only be for about 140,000 people. 

OK, that sounds like a lot, and it is. But it appears that the manufactured cost of this drug is only about $9 per treatment before overhead, profit and allied costs. And they already had this stock on hand.

The cost to Gilead is around one and a quarter million dollars…which is like you or me giving away one of our grandchildren’s plastic piggy banks. 

Given the media coverage they have got from this it’s really cheap advertising for Gilead. 

If this drug gets factored in as the treatment of choice for COVID-19 it will be interesting to see what they charge. Given many of the Doctors on the NIH advisory board have a financial affiliation with Gilead, I think this is very likely. 

What about Hydroxychloroquine?

In the video by Dr Chris Martenson, he asks a very valid question.

Why hasn’t a clinical trial comparing Hydroxychloroquine + zinc with Remdesivir been carried out?

There is massive amount of positive evidence showing the efficacy of Hydroxychloroquine, even without zinc, which is known to enhance it further. 

Consider this…the Italian Rheumatology Society contacted 1,200 rheumatologists throughout Italy. They wanted to find out how their chronic patients suffering from Lupus and Rheumatoid arthritis were getting on with COVID-19 infections.  The rationale for this is that the standard treatment for these patients is Hydroxychloroquine. 

The results? 

Out of the 65,000 patients tested, only 20 were positive for the virus.  Nobody died, nobody is in intensive care….  

There are also other very positive studies using Hydroxychloroquine but they hardly see the light of day. 

Why is that? 

Could it be because this drug is off patent and very cheap to produce, so there is no money in it? 

You need to make your own assessment about that.  What I would say, is that should you contract COVID-19 and you have any underlying conditions consider requesting your Doctor to give you Hydroxychloroquine plus zinc.

Anti-viral drugs only work if they are taken early enough. Whether you use that drug or Remdesivir it has to be taken at the onset of confirmation of COVID-19. 

In fact, it appears from the study that those people who received Remdesivir late in the stage had an increased mortality rate. 

So, make sure you do your homework ahead of time if you think you’re vulnerable with underlying conditions and may potentially get infected with COVID-19.

You need to know the pros and cons of different treatments…just in case. 

Hope this was helpful…talk again soon.



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