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Warning – do not do this!

Don’t do what many other people are doing…

which is NOTHING!

Nothing, when they should be taking action if they have serious health issues such as a heart attack or a stroke that need to be addressed.

Instead of hightailing it to the ER or calling an ambulance they are staying at home.

Know the risks of Coronavirus

They are fearful about going to the ER because of the coronavirus and the knowledge that they are vulnerable. 

I can understand that, but depending upon what is happening to them the risks could be a lot higher if they do nothing. 

Fewer people are seeking medical treatment

John Puskas a cardiovascular surgeon at Mount Sinai, reports a dramatic decrease in heart patients seeking urgent medical care. 

Suddenly, many emergencies have disappeared and heart attack and stroke teams at hospitals have been left idle. 

The number of severe heart attacks being treated has dropped 40% since March.  This US trend is being repeated throughout the world. Heart attack patients and stroke victims are not being treated.

Mild stroke symptoms are being ignored

The University of Miami-Jackson Memorial Comprehensive Stroke Center reported a decrease in stroke patients of 30% from February to March. 

This may be because those people with mild stroke symptoms – numbness, loss of sensation or weakness on one side of the body – may be enduring it at home. They are not seeking help because of the fear of coronavirus. 

People are going to hospital at the last minute

Another unseen effect of the fear of COVID-19 is the increase of patients coming in to the hospitals at the last possible moment.

This can result in significant heart damage, ruptured muscles and other complications because of the delays. 

The Medical University of South Carolina describes 70% of recent appendicitis cases as late presentations, a state in which it is difficult to operate safely. 

But the risks have increased

Overall, the risk of heart attacks and strokes are much greater at the moment because of:

  • heightened stress levels
  • social isolation and
  • quarantine measures

These can all exacerbate depression, anxiety and other mental health conditions.  Doctors believe that these factors can double the risk of a heart attack or stroke. 

What do you do if you’re high risk?

So, what do you do if you are one of these people at high risk because you have underlying health issues? 

The most important thing that I believe you can do is to work on getting rid of any FEAR. 

Fear is a major factor in virtually all areas of health.  When you fear something you are more likely to experience the very thing that you fear.

What do you do if you’re fearful? 

There is only one way to get rid of fear and that is acceptance of whatever your current condition is! 

Most people’s fear is driven by the expectation of what could happen…not from what has actually happened. 

Take action to beat fear

For example, if you are at risk of having a heart attack:

  • you are much more likely to have a heart attack if you fear that you may have one. 


  • by taking action to reduce the risks (by making appropriate lifestyle changes and implementing other protocols) you are much less likely to have one than if you are worried about it all the time.

Just remember that none of us can predict the future, and also accept that there is no future, only the present time. 

However, plan for the future. How you treat your body today directly affects your health in the future. 

Don’t let coronavirus stop you getting treatment

If you have a serious medical complication now which needs immediate treatment…go get it and don’t worry about the coronavirus. 

Remember, the odds are in your favour

The odds are still in your favour:

  • If, in the worst case, you do get coronavirus the odds are that you won’t die from it.


  • If you don’t get urgent treatment for a serious condition you may die from that.

Talk again soon.



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